Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Red Dance

Red shoes follow the smell
of cigarettes that floats behind you
I won`t buy them,
I won`t buy Earth
this red Earth that bleeds love.

For beings it bleeds an energy that uplifts
that sizzles
that catches fire
and resurrects.

Red builds adobe builds
thoughts that thatch mind over

Red smoulders a roman nose
in bleeding continents that gush ocean
I gush for you and
Now I`m an open gash
A smiling wound that laughs as rocks
smooth and sand wrinkles

Creases delve into troughs into arches into hands and
I`m dying!
I`m fucking dying as this sun moults
like the summer salmon`s smutty somersault.

Kiss me now
we can bleed together
as night oozes from the Moon

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