Saturday, 2 May 2015

Who Needs A Degree When You´re Schooled In Life?



OK so I spent the best year of my life at an off-grid project which I encourage everyone to go to immediately to learn about what it means to live in community, learn to deal with no electricity or running water at times, grow organic and biodynamic vegetables, learn what it means to compromise, learn what it means to be as close to nature as possible without giving up all the lovely human delights like regular meals and showers! I didn´t just learn them intellectually, like I convince myself about all the wonderful MOOCS that I study, but I embodied the lessons...which is a fancy way of saying that, like hairspray or yoga postures, they are now fixed in my body no matter how much I would want to forget. They ain´t budging. 

And to be honest, surveying my options to return back to my magical homeland, Kingdom United, my Kingdom (I heart you, UK), there´s no way that I´m working all the hours that God sends to I can afford a thimble in Zone 5 (I´m so not down with scratching my way through TESCO´s bins - yes, it´s a thing).

Do you guys remember the film, Mermaid? Basically, Bo Derek plays a temporary mermaid and finds love with a guy who shows her, like a baby, how to talk, how to be and go around the world. Well, this is the situation that we all face if we embrace it every day, except fundamentally without the fish tail when we get in the bath. Although that could be cool. All the people in novels, music and films that I admire have one thing in common - they have an innocence, a certain pragmatic naivety, a fierceness to live  and breathe the world, he-yyll - the galaxy--- not just survive, but flourish and thrive. That´s the quality I want to keep cultivating in my life. It´s bloody hard work but after 34 years, I don´t think I can compromise. That´s the joy (read stubbornness) of an Aries twit.

What does this mean in my life now? Thanks to all the wonderful people who allow me to indulge my absolute love and curiosity of life, movement, dancing, travelling, singing (namely, first and foremost naturally, my bewildered parents...then and the amazing pop lyrics and moves of Beyonce, Madonna and Mariah Carey, the sparkling gays), I can frolic around the most beautiful places in the world, meeting the most inspiring, the most open-hearted, the most understanding and accepting, the most welcoming...and learn through experience how I can best give to the world. In order to do that, I´m accepting that I need to feel safe - safe to explore out of my comfort zone, safe to be shit scared when I´m faced with a challenge, safe to know that, despite anything, I can push through and experience true growth. Safe = MP3 of all my favourite songs, ceaseless working out and dancing, daily yoga and meditation. Done.

I ain´t gonna let nobody´s drama bother me
Because it´s my life, no stress, no fights
Just making the most of life...
- "It´s Like That", Mariah Carey 

Why wouldn´t you want to be like this at 45? Shiny sing-y loveliness!

Instead of being safe and returning to the UK, I´m following my heart and my spirit - not  my bank balance, or my fear of it diminishing, not my fear of what happens if it all goes dreadfully wrong...what IF it goes right! What if I succeed? What if the world can be as beautiful as my own world often is? What if I can realise how to share my deepest truth with the world? How is it to be vulnerable (in a good way)? That´s a risk I can´t afford not to take.

First stop is a couple of week helping a couple run a beautiful retreat in the Algarve, then I´m hoping to get involved in EROLES, a shining beacon of curiosity in Tremp with a community trying to understand what it means to live in a time when our paradigms of thought are truly shifting from old sKool to new sKool. We are so powerful by constantly simplifying. Then, I´ll learn what it takes to be a children´s activity leader...then work in a queer circus with a friend from Sunseed in Amsterdam. And if they still need a lead singer, then my dream of performing could come true! I can dream, can´t I? Then, I´ve found an amazing yoga retreat back in Andalusia where I can learn more yoga postures, learn, learn, learn for real.

So, go and WANADWUZL and see how it feels! Oh, and if you want to sign up for The Joy Army, get in touch. First, I need to Crowdfund for uniforms. They´re gonna be awesome, you´ll die (in a good way).


  1. Bless you happy to read this is what you've decided to do. I am right here for you if you ever get into a fix just call... I love you and think you're

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