Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Joy Army


is recruiting soon
Flying the flag for Joymakers globally and galactically
 Brace yourselves for unbounded joyousness

Wow, this sounds cool. Tell me more...

The Joy Army is a team of creative interdisciplinary individuals/human beings who travel across the UK, and beyond, armed with glitter, not guns, beats, not bullets and instruments, not intimidation.

Sounds too good to be true. And what's the mission?

They will responsible for assassinating indifference and destroying misery by the power of dance and song, quite simply. ....celebrating our bodies and obliterating the occasional tedium of being mortal. Sometimes we can forget we're alive and The Joy Army helps to remind us of the simple joy a melody and some boogying can bring. We're firing love lines into the most heart-broken places and keeping buoyant our dreams and spirit.

Who's the brains behind this crazy army?

I've always wanted to be in the Army. But I don't want to hurt anyone, just live from love. The ideaof The Joy Army kept floating towards me, year after year, but I dismissed it because I thought it was fantastical and silly, just the dream from a mind that distracts and monkeys around easily. But I've become friends with my thoughts and I want to listen to them, rather than criticise them. That makes me happy. I realised that I can focus on anything that truly interests and excites me. Life doesn't really have any particular shape except the one we create, there are no rules and my confidence has grown over the years to accept that I can live however I want and share my joy with others who feel it to, or want to connect to it. For me, there's nothing more beautiful than dancing and singing with friends to favourite songs. I didn't want this to just be had in the confines of a night club and forgotten during the week. Moving and being spontaneous with our bodies makes us all feel so good! So, why not do it every day?

Powerful stuff that needs some power dress. Any advice for an outfit?

The Joy Army has got that covered with a fabulous uniform that will identify all Joymakers. A vast team of tailors will be beavering away over the next few weeks.

I'm totes free. How do I enrol?

How marvellous! Contact me right away. Funding is currently being sought and we'll be good to go over the next few months, right in time for summer.

Is there any way I can get involved behind the scenes?

Absolutely. Any support you can offer through contacts for tailors / clothesmakers, fundraisers, glitter-gun makers, musicians, poets, singers, instrument-makers would be super cool.


  1. Wow....Amazing plan! Please count me into the ranks of your JoyArmy..

  2. You´re my first recruit! Atteeen-TION!