Sunday, 6 June 2010

Millinery Apprenticeship

Millinery Apprenticeship

I worked part-time for 18 months at Hat Therapy in Hebden Bridge, a small shop and atelier on the high street that designs, makes, sources and sells unique hats and accessories. I trained alongside the owner, Chrissie King, a warm and generous person who encouraged me to be creative as well as think practically about selling the designs.

Shaping is done by hand, which is tricky but leads to great shapes

Pinning the felt to a hat block

Steaming the felt softens it ready to be moulded and pinned

Once the felt has been given a few days to dry, it can be removed from the block and the shape is set.
Small bulldog clips are so much easier than pins and prevent any holes in the delicate fabric
Pinning a brim to the block

The brim and crown are attached and finished
Bead embroidery on the crown
Attaching the bias silk to the brim using the life saving bulldog clips with the machine


Then the brim is attached
2 adorable sinamay cloches with hand-made roses

I called this the Dior At Tiffany's hat. Divine.

When you live in Yorkshire, waterproofing accessories isn't a luxury. And who doesn't want to look fabulous as they're being washed away?

Killer silk clutch... pret-a-porter!

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