Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Prime Time

Ain't Nobody Peeking But The Stars Above
titles and lyrics from Janelle Monaé's ''Primetime'' feat. Miguel

07h30 Breakfast: Fresh figs and blackberries from the garden, local honey, porridge (!), local watermelon and ginger tea
10h30 Tomato salad with caperberries (grown here)
14h00 Almond and chocolate triangle freshly baked from the local panaderia
20h00 More figs, soft cheese with garlic, salad, polenta, courgettes

Mid-August, almost 3 months into my new role here in a unique and beautiful wetland region of the semi-arid environment of Almería and all is... lovely. The Full Moon last weekend was a great chance for my pimped Forest School class (currently entitled Nature Dance but a work in progress!) to take place, bathed in the briny-yellow light of the moon at the mirador here in Los Molinos dancing around to Bjork's Moon. I was delighted that so many took part and enjoyed it so much. It shows me how necessary that time together and alone is with the natural world is because it's just soooooo endlessly beautiful. Some nights, I can't stop staring, attempting to somehow photographically imprint the memory in my mind although I doubt I'll easily forget it. How ridiculous! I've no doubt the sun will sear all these things in my brain.

The soap we made almost 6 weeks ago is ready on Thursday and I can't wait to see if it works. We have grand plans with other oils we've infused with herbs and flowers from the garden - we have to perfect the process first. A second batch is also curing so the workshop stinks of soap! The process is so simple so all my family will be getting soap for Christmas. Sorry!

I spent last weekend visiting Las Salinas in Cabo de Gata to see the flamingoes who visit there briefly. Shortly after, we headed to the beach and I went snorkelling, discovering all kinds of crazy coloured fish and underwater forests. Despite the super saltiness of the water and its dissolving my eyes, I had a wondrous time! This Friday is Bank Holiday in Spain and so far I've heard rumours that it's an excuse to throw pastries at each other. It sounds hilarious, if a little wasteful. I have so much forest school work to complete for the hand-in on Monday so I might have to give it a miss.

This is probably one of the dullest posts I've written so I'm sorry if you've read up til this far! Maybe this way of life has chilled me out far too much - the struggle to get somewhere has disintegrated and left the simple pleasure of enjoying the moment. I'm in unique circumstances and I'm determined to make the most of it, learning, growing, rolling with the, er, siestas.

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