Wednesday, 16 September 2015

This day begins like no other
And will be like none before or after
Can we see all its majesty?
Can we truly see it?
And, if we can, can we meet it with our own magic?

Each time the sun describes the sky with its brilliant arc
Let it remind us that our luminosity and brilliance are no lesser
And that amongst the grubbery and drudgery of quotidien tasks -
And perhaps, more so, within them -
we are nothing less than colossal beams of some distant collapsing galaxy
Humbly channeled through this mortal dream of life
in our eyes, our mind, our habits, our hearts.

Only sentimental nostalgic regret, foolishness and cowardice
could force us to overlook these facts;
Hopefulness, joyousness, awe, wonder and enchantment consistently
outweigh any doubt, grief or uncertainty.

We are one light within the lecture halls, the stadiums and 
the universal symphony of lights
And we can see its presence in the shell gleam of the smallest beetle.
So, sing your your beat...step to the infinite melody
of the inexhaustible turning record of the world
Your groove and its silent lovebirds patiently wait for you
unblemished since the day you were born.

Inspired by the unmatchable wondrousness I feel around Rishi and Chandra

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