Sunday, 16 August 2015

Well, That's Just Peachy

Years of toil, heartache and tantrums in the kitchen have taught me that if you want your creation to taste more apple-y or banana-y or apricot-y, just add that fruit - raw. So long to all the messing around and fancy mousses and foams and gels and syrups. We sleep one-third of the day so who wants to spend another third in the kitchen? The good news is...the lazy options are often the super-healthiest so, if you started the New Moon detox, you're not breaking the rules. Amen!



Too simple for words... doesn't need a Method and still devilishly delicious. Ready in a nanosecond.

Serves 4

200g oat flakes (rolled or flaked)
4 tsps tahini
3 tsps honey
4 peaches, roughly chopped

Simply combine the oats, tahini and honey...and scatter over the peaches. Dust with cinnamon power.

To serve you can add a splash of your favourite milk or, if you don't want to open the fridge door (after all, this is a lazy crumble), just add a few splashes of water.

Bon App├ętit!

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