Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Knock Back

We're like peaceful cavemen in the night
You and I
Silken lumps the lie like stone beside
Each other
Pebbles of anticipation,
thoughts heavy like over-wet dough
with dormant ambitions to rise
As if the sun is yeast in our veins.
You took over the world in every warm place
Every glance desperate and impatient
Unlike how I imagined a sunbeam.

We kneaded to be kneaded then
Before I rested with you silently every night
And pretended that dawn was a mth that the lonely had invented
But we soon found ourselves knotted perfectly like brioche tops
The night now a memory that fell off our fingers like freshly ground flour
Except for the messages charred on our eyes like bitter almonds
And willingly scratched into our skin
Poppyseed love that bleeds poppy petal red
Declaring war.

When we've proved ourselves
We're ready and we'll plait
We'll interweave and roll up to this private circus
Wearing the scars of the knock back
that the Heavens wait to deliver
Like the eager Autumn clock that snatches romance and spits out silver mechanisms
Into the fuzzy salt water of sky
Two giant soldiers next to mucousy poaching clouds
Crash savagely into that egg yolk sun.

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