Wednesday, 28 November 2012


White sugar in a white room on white bread
White lies against white skies from white lips
White noise trips you up and turns into white daffodils on a white screen
I mean, look at the white folk play beneath their white teeth in a white winter wonderland
I turned white up the mountain like Death when black night soaked into the sky.
Look at what we have as crystalline
the icicles of Earth drip gold refined

I`m told that I`m blessed and I believe I am under the dark grain grit
Once I`ve digested in fully
This isn`t for the purpose of snow dots
It`s a tempered process of lands forgotten where snakes smile as polished apples go rotten
This is powdered pearls inside clattering clouds of flustered dust
It is space to glean fire in the sweetest dreams where we can tiptoe along the shark`s white teeth
We can breathe white, see white, be white and shine as daylight might in a cavern of moonbeams
White is surrendering violins of time in a twinkling lantern behind cloaks of eternity
We burn for this underneath a caramel kiss to transform the nothing into

White socks underneath a warm hearth on white legs
White bone inside white-washed walls from white heat
Meet and greet the White Maker and flour the sides in white sponge as you fall gently into the kiln
White hot leads to whatnot in a whiter shade of pale
You roll down the white hills inside polar fur on a white yacht
And yet, you cannot be what you`re not

White flag flies next to white knuckles on white sand
You land on the Moon and discover it is pitch black when not attacked by the rays of the Sun
Its brilliance deafens your whitewaters underneath the menace of icebergs
And your prism shines white again.

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